Types of Cannabis


 Flower refers to the buds, stems, seeds, and leaves that are harvested from the cannabis plant for consumption. Flowers are most often consumed by smoking.



An accumulation of the trichomes, or resin glands, sifted from cannabis flowers with a mesh screen or sieve. Kief is the most potent part of the cannabis plant in terms of cannabinoids with a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).


Hash is a cannabis concentrate product composed of compressed or purified preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes, from the plant. The resin contains ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids—but often in higher concentrations than the unsifted or unprocessed cannabis flower.


It is a cannabis concentrate containing many of its resins and terpenes – in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids. There are various extraction methods, most involving a solvent, such as butane or ethanol. Hash oil is usually consumed by smoking, vaporizing or eating. Hash oil may be sold in cartridges used with pen vaporizers. Preparations of hash oil may be solid or colloidal depending on both production method and temperature and are usually identified by their appearance or characteristics. Can vary in consistency from glasslike “shatter” to a soft wax


CO2 extraction is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired phytochemicals from a plant. In the world of cannabis, the process pulls all of the essential cannabinoids, terpene oils and waxes out of the plant material. The extraction process creates an amber-colored oil (CO2 oil) which the consumer can vaporize in several different ways.


Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is produced using a unique technique—freshly harvested cannabis is frozen to a subcritical temperature prior to and throughout the extraction process, skipping the drying and curing phases. Flavorful concentrates due to the high amounts of terpenes


Edibles include products such as cookies, brownies, candies, or beverages that contain cannabis. Typily to edibles and tinctures. Typically take 1-3 hours from time of ingestion to feel effects. Effects can last longer than other consumption methods, up to 8 hours.

Ingestible Oils

Oils containing cannabis usually come in tablets or pill form. They are swallowed or ingested similar to edibles and tinctures. Tends to be usually sticky, dark-Amber potent concentrate commonly consumed by ingesting it. Cannabis oil has high concentrations of THC and CBD making it ideal for a broad range of medical conditions. It releases pleasure hormones, relaxes the mind and induces a sense of calm and relaxation.


Cannabis topicals are typically non-intoxicating, which allows customers to enjoy the plant’s therapeutic effects without THC’s attendant psychoactivity. Typically a lotion or ointment that is applied directly to the body’s surface. Topicals are utilized for fast-acting localized relief of inflammation and pain. This expanding category of cannabis treatments has grown to include transdermal solutions, as well as lubricants, often including essential oils such as clove and wintergreen for added relief.