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In layman’s terms, medical cannabis addresses medical issues, while recreational marijuana is for enjoyment. The realms of these two categories vary significantly within the fundamentals, but they also have a lot of similarities.

Many people who are just getting started in the field will recommend a cannabis product for medical use but do not know that they will be breaking the law, pay different taxes and still not achieve the medical effect. Medical patients that want healing products should only get the type that will offer relief and relaxation without creating a feeling of highness. Additionally, they will be able to save money if they produce ID medical cards and other prerequisites for medical purchases.

Critical Differences Between Medical And Recreational Cannabis

The Limits Of Potency

Research suggests that less THC is better for medical marijuana, but the opposite is true for recreational marijuana. Another difference is that medical marijuana dispensaries can sell vast amounts of cannabis, especially when you have the proper medical cards. You will enjoy a wider variety of medical cannabis if you show that you have a medical issue. Some health benefits of different marijuana products include:

  • Antioxidant powers
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Anti-psychotic

Age Limits Of Medical Vs. Recreational Cannabis

Medical cannabis is attainable if you have a card and documents to show that you are at least 18 years old. Recreational cannabis faces more strict rules because you must be at least 21 years of age to have a chance of acquisition.


Can you get medical cannabis from a recreational dispensary? Yes, you can. However, recreational users cannot get them from medical dispensaries because they do not have Detroit Metro cannabis cards.

You can walk away from your medical supplier at any time, but note that the recreational one may not have the strains and conditions you need to serve your needs better. The medical card is protection against plenty of legal ramifications that are present with the purchase and use of recreational marijuana, so make sure you check in with our medical marijuana doctors first if you need a slightly different type of item than what is on the site.


Medical marijuana follows a more controlled farming and processing method than recreational cannabis. Growers have to maintain particular standards in the controlled environment, whereas recreational cannabis growers are freer to experiment with different strains and conditions. You should consider sticking to medical marijuana if you want better and consistent quality.


Both prices are inherently the same, but medical cannabis has more tax concessions and fewer retail and excise charges.

Concluding Thoughts On Medical Cannabis Evaluations

Are you looking to buy medical or recreational cannabis in the Detroit Metro area? Greenlight MMJ is a telemedicine clinic that sells to buyers looking for medical products. However, our medical card doctors advise clients to make inquiries if they are looking for specific medical-grade products so that we can advise you on the right products with the right amounts of CBD, THC, and more.

Schedule an appointment today to get started with more options while using your medical marijuana card.

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