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Cannabis consumers have a lot to consider when picking strains because there are so many in the market now and a couple of new ones every other week from private and commercial growers. Realistically, there are no better strains than others, and you can find many different brands to perform the same function. An essential factor to consider when choosing cannabis strains is their effect on your mind and body.

Tips On Choosing The Best Cannabis Strain From Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

An excellent place to begin your comparison is online platforms with a history of selling and reviewing cannabis strains. You will undoubtedly get recommendations to help with your particular issue, including non-medicinal ailments like depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Other important things to consider when picking recreational cannabis includes:


Cannabis strains have a lot of different flavors, aromas, and effects. A strain with a lemon-like taste will trigger a completely different effect in your brain than an earthy or spicy one. It is suitable to consider the aroma when choosing a cannabis strain because you want a taste that pleases your taste buds and makes for a more comfortable experience.


Cannabis dispensaries will detail each strain’s THC and CBD content, so you know the potency and can estimate how it will affect your body. Cannabis dispensaries in the United States offer various strains that have varying amounts of influence on the body and mind. Some strains are easier to handle than others, and those who want a mild taste and effect should be careful and strategic about their choice.

Examples Of Recreational Strains From Our Recreational Dispensaries In Massachusetts

Lemon Jeffery

The THC levels can be as high as 29%, making it one of the most potent recreational strains to relieve body and mind stress. Lemon Jack is not recommended for people with overactive nerves because it will stimulate your brain before it eventually makes you sleepy. People take this when they want to be more friendly but still relaxed while tapping into parts of the brain that unleash creativity.

Sour Kosher

The top-notch strain has a long-lasting high and is known to have a strong aroma that could be a little too overwhelming. Sour Kosher will give you a rewarding relaxation effect, especially when you get comfortable with the spicy taste. The most common uses for Sour Kosher include:

  • Increased creativity
  • Healing migraines, pain, depression, and nausea
  • Increasing appetite

Do not replace Sour Kosher for your doctor’s professional advice; instead, use it as a supplement and recommended solution for medical advice, as you would any other cannabis from the best marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.


The mimosa strain is delicious and perfect to pair with a sweet drink. People love mimosa because it stimulates the cerebral and is tolerable for newbies who want something flavorful and comfortable for their taste.

Most effects of the mimosa leave you feeling comfortable, boost your energy and keep you in an uplifted mood. Choose this strain when you want a tropical flavor that is easy to consume and delivers just the right amount of relaxation.

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