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We have the fundamental belief that the cannabis experience is not one to be average or rushed. We are focused on leaving our customers with a powerful sense of knowledge and understanding about the benefits, features, consumption methods, and product variety that cannabis has to offer.

From a warm welcome upon entering to an enlightened atmosphere, Cannapi strives to offer the ultimate customer experience. We seek to satisfy those who are just beginning their cannabis journey to those cannabis connoisseurs looking to expand their horizons.

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  • Caryophyllene
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The most abundant terpene in cannabis, Myrcene's smell often reminds of earthy, musky notes, resembling cloves with sedative effects.

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This terpene is is best known for its spicy, peppery notes and analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties.

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Also found in hops, this terpene brings an earthy, woody, and spicy flavor while reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

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Limonene gives strains a citrusy smell that resembles lemons and is known to improve mood while reducing stress.

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This terpene is responsible for the recognizable marijuana smell with its spicy and floral notes and has very strong sedative and relaxing properties.

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With a smell like pine trees, as that’s also where it can be found in large amounts, Pinene can have an anti-inflammatory and relieving effect.

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Best described as floral-like and a little bit citrusy, this terpene relaxes heavily and it’s usually the one responsible for the couch lock effect.

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