The Green Harbor Fritter Banger – Dry Cure Badder

Concentrated cannabis products come in a wide variety of consistencies, compositions, and potencies. Cannabinoids are isolated and removed from plant material via extraction, agitation, compression, or other methods to create generally a very potent product. Concentrates have an immediate activation time and are generally used by experienced consumers.

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Simply Herb Super Lemon G – Preroll

Relaxing effects tend to show up first after consuming Super Lemon G. Over time, however, the upbeat, euphoric, and giggly effects begin to emerge. Super Lemon G is a sociable strain and, as the name suggests, has a strong lemon fragrance.

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SHAKA Gush Mints S1 #4 Pre-Roll

Aroma/Flavor: Sweet, Fruity, Citrus, Mint, Diesel
Effects: Creative, Tingly, Sleepy, Relaxing, Calm
Description: If you like Gush Mints, you’ll love Gush Mints S1! It’s everything you like about Gush Mints, X2!

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Simply Herb Simply Herb | PK Crasher – Preroll

PK Crasher is an indica dominant strain that leaves a heavy, sedated effect on the user. Best used for nighttime consumption; PK Crasher can aid with insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Terpenes: Limonene, Beta Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene

Flavor Notes: Earthy, Sour

Reported Effects: Calm, Sleepy

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Hellavated Water ‘Yer Melon Juicy Stickz Infused Pre-Roll

Hellavated’s Water ‘Yer Melon Cartridge is loaded with a sweet sativa extract with a rough vapor. The result is typically happy and balanced, but it takes quite a few hits to get there. You can keep this high activated by staying mobile, but it’s still short-lived when compared to other vapes. It can take the edge off after a harsh day, but it won’t do much if you’re already in a good mood.

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Hellavated Bomb Popz Juicy Stickz Infused Pre-Roll | 0.75g

Whole bud flower is infused with a proprietary process that combined diamonds, natural botanical terpenes and pure kief all contained within the pre-roll to produce a potent flavor explosion and high THC content for that desired Lift off or couch lock without the mess and burn of a traditional pre-roll.

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