Cannapi Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Brockton, MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Luz Agosto Delgado
    04/10/2024 04:22 AM
  • Anonymous Barfed
    04/07/2024 11:12 PM
    Best Prices. BEST PRODUCTS. Best Accessories! Cheap Eddie's too.
  • James Phillips
    04/07/2024 04:09 PM
    Chic filet service 🔥 5 🌟
  • Jim Andrews
    04/07/2024 02:15 PM
    Some of the lowest prices I've seen in the state. 3 for $25 choice gummies 100mg packs is such a deal. Other places near me would charge $40 or more. I don't get how they're so affordable but I love it. I drive out of my way to go here.
  • ali soheyli
    04/01/2024 08:43 PM
    The atmosphere 💝kindness caring and knowledge of the employees ,quality and absolutely excellent prices. Thank you very much I had a great experience🙏
  • David Goulet
    03/30/2024 08:54 PM
    The Big Smooth hands down best and only oil I'd buy here
  • Lauren Noterman
    03/28/2024 11:20 PM
  • Royal Imanli
    03/24/2024 10:14 PM
    Great experience!
  • Aaron segal
    03/19/2024 11:11 AM
    Every experience has been top notch and great prices and spectacular quality
  • Devon Cook
    03/19/2024 08:15 AM
    One of my favorite dispensaries in this part of Massachusetts. The prices are great, the inventory is vast. The staff are typically great, they help you order and give great suggestions. This place is a definite go-to spot!